Triple Word Score

CK and I played our first Scrabble game together last night while watching the Red Sox game. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Mostly because I resoundingly trounced my boyfriend 339 points to his 193, but also because I simply love boardgames. It’s been much too long since I’ve played a game. I can’t even remember the last time I played Monopoly or Life.

Life is definitely my favorite classic board game. Whenever I used to play with my family, my mom would inevitably end up with so many children that the little pegs wouldn’t fit in her game piece car and she’d have to stack them up. Then they’d fall out all over the board every time she had to move. My ten-year-old self found those incidents absolutely hysterical. No doubt, I probably choked on my Jax and snorted Mountain Dew out of my nose. Good times! Last night I managed to behave myself a little better, although I did make a gagging face after I tried the Berry Weiss Leinenkugal beer CK picked up by mistake. Note to self: don’t buy the pink labeled bottles. When it comes to Leinenkugal the blue label is best.