Rub a Dub Dex

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Rub a Dub Dex

Dexter sported an expression bordering on homicidal rage after having his first bath.

Rub a Dub Dex
It appears that he also holds a grudge. Needless to say we’ve been sleeping with one eye open since the scrubbing incident went down.

Now can someone please explain to me how a cat can have the above reaction to a simple rub a dub in the tub, but then has the audacity to play in running water any chance he gets?

Watson Wednesday: Wet & Wild Edition

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I Hate You Erin!

We give Watson a bath and trim his nails approximately every three weeks or so. It’s a necessary evil that he hates with a fiery red hot passion. His claws have to be kept short to cut down on the number of angry hand wounds CK and I can stand. I seriously wonder if people are going to start thinking that I’m a cutter. No worries though! I just own a very playful and sometimes rowdy kitten.

I bathe Watson frequently because of my allergies. I’m actually very allergic to cats. These allergies worsen exponentially as the length of the cat’s fur increases. So my cousin’s short haired tabby “Baby” doesn’t bother me at all, while CK’s Aunt and Uncle’s gorgeous Rag Doll cat “Paris” makes me sneeze my brains out. That doesn’t stop me from picking her up and giving her a big friendly squeeze though. I just always make sure I have a supply of Claritin on hand.

*Hiss* Get Back Evil Doers!

For the most part Watson doesn’t bother my allergies but every few weeks there inevitably comes a day when I start to feel my eyes getting watery and my nose itches and I know that it’s time for Mr. Kitty Pants to have a spa day. This month’s bath was especially traumatic and he glared and hid from CK and I for a good hour after we washed him. A handful of treats eventually brought him around and now I’m happy to report that he’s back to his fluffy and squeaky clean self.

I'm In My Box. Leave Me Alone!

Watson’s First Bath

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Watson All Wrapped Up

Watson had the distinct pleasure of experiencing his first bath this morning. CK and I suited up in big ugly yellow kitchen gloves and methodically scrubbed and rinsed the little kitten into shiny submission. He was completely dazed and confused when I finally wrapped him up in a big fluffy beach towel.


Then he promptly ignored us for the next half hour while he meticulously licked himself dry.

Watson Ignores Us

Just FYI. Wet kittens are absolutely not cute, nice, or cuddly at all.

Wet & Ugly Watson