Watson Wednesday: I Sleep Where I Want

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Watson's Peaceful Pink Slumber

Since arriving in our home Watson has claimed my pretty pink throw as his own. I don’t mind. In fact, I just figured he had luxurious tastes.

Watson in the Dirty Clothes Hamper

I now have to revise that conclusion though as Watson’s new favorite place to get a little rest and relaxation is CK’s hamper full of dirty gym clothes. My kitten is obviously a tad bi-polar.

Watson Wednesday: The Mischievous Kitten Edition

It Wasn't Me!

Watson has learned so many “useful” new skills over the last two weeks. The first was developing the ability to scale the drying rack followed by instinctively taking cover under my clothing after he knocked it completely over. As you can see from the photograph he’s also perfected the “it wasn’t me” face.

This is Puuuurrrrfect for Me!

Mr. Kitty Pants also discovered that my sister’s laptop case was the perfect place to curl up and take a nap while still managing to be the center of attention.

What Can I Get Into Now?

He’s also worked out how to leap tall buildings in a single bound or at least he can make it to the top of the kitchen counters now – much to my chagrin. Cooking with Watson around has become quite the contact sport. We had a serious battle of wits last night while I was trying to make risotto for dinner.

What?! You Left It Open. It's Fair game.

And finally, our little kitten has also become enlightened to the fact that neglected dresser drawers (*cough* CK) are an oasis of catnap comfort. Obviously Watson has completely taken over our apartment. No place is safe from a curious kitten.

Watson Disappears and Reappears

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Perhaps I should rename my personal blog to XoXo, Watson instead of XoXo, Erin? This site is quickly turning into an ode to all things kitten, but I just can’t help myself. As you may recall over the last few weeks I’ve mentioned having some Watson related frustrations. Well I’ve seriously chilled about Mr. Kitten. Unfortunately the catalyst of my new found calm and serenity was that I thought he was dead.

Last Wednesday was my birthday and I spent the day with my cousin Amanda sitting by her pool and burning my chest into a lovely shade of pink. The central air in our apartment was on the fritz so the maintenance supervisor called a technician to come over and take a look at it while both Chris and I were away.

When I got home that afternoon I couldn’t find Watson anywhere. Usually as soon as we open the door he’s tangled up in our feet purring and tripping us in excitement. I wandered around the house calling his name and still he didn’t appear. I looked under the couch, the beds, in cupboards and closets but Watson was no where to be found. I started to freak out at this point. I was convinced that the technician must have let the kitten out accidentally. I frantically tried to call CK, but it went straight to voicemail. I decided that I had to go find the maintenance man to see if he remembered telling the tech that we had a kitten, and just as I got my shoes back on guess who appeared out of nowhere in the door of our bedroom yawning and stretching?

I was so shocked and relieved that I sat down on the floor and cried. I’m not even kidding. I really did think he was lost, or dead and all I could think about was how much I had complained about him over the last week and how much of a bad person I was and on and on.

After I got myself back together I started to wonder where on earth Watson had been sleeping. I seriously tore the house apart looking for him so where had he been hiding? Well on Saturday the kitten disappeared again. This time CK and I knew he was in the house somewhere so after searching high and low I decided to station CK in one area of the apartment and I stood in the hallway outside our bedroom, then I banged on Watson’s food dish with a fork.

At first nothing happened, but then I saw a rustling on our bed. The comforter rose up and a small form moved underneath the bedding and out popped Watson. Apparently Watson has taken to sleeping not only on our bed but in it too. So now we have to be extra careful not to inadvertently sit on the kitten in case he’s decided to take up residence in his new hiding space again. That’s our kitty…

By the way, the video above is Watson’s reaction to my talking Kipper stuffed toy. I wish I had captured his original encounter with Kipper because he hissed at it, puffed his tail, and ran away, but it’s still cute to see him bat at the English doggy’s nose.

Elementary My Dear Watson

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Yesterday morning my mom forwarded an email to me from one of her co-workers. The woman was giving away free short-haired orange kittens. Growing up I had a fabulous orange cat named Lucy so I jumped at the chance to finally make one part of the family again. Over the last year CK has been completely supportive of my desire to have a kitten. His only caveat was that I had to find the cat myself. Honestly, I don’t think he truly thought I ever would. But here we are…CK and I actually had to drive to Maine and meet my mom in a parking lot in order to successfully transfer the kitten goods. Thankfully the kitty mission was successful.

Please meet my new furry sidekick: Watson. He’s only six weeks old and I find him absolutely precious. I’m completely in love even though he woke us up to play at 5 AM. Then he spent all afternoon sleeping on my chest while I watched Little Dorrit and now he’s attacking me as I attempt to type this post. I better go pay attention to him before he completely shreds my fingers with his itty bitty claws and teeth.