Lotuspad Eco Yoga Mats


Completely unbeknown to me these amazing Lotuspad yoga mats have been for sale literally right down the street from me for years. I had a pretty avid yoga practice when I lived in Portland, usually doing a routine 5 days a week and alternating with weekly classes at The Yoga Center. I’ve never felt better in my life and more in shape. But when I moved to Boston in the late summer of 2005 the time I spent on yoga slowly dwindled until it became completely non-existent. My yoga mat sat in the closet collecting dust and I forced myself to try to get on the elliptical or go for a run a few times each week. Unfortunately neither of these exercises has ever made me feel the way that a vigorous yoga practice can.

Then a few weeks ago CK shared a story with me on Google Reader about how Lebron James uses yoga to give him an extra edge in his training. I took this as a not-so-subtle hint that my boyfriend was asking me to go to yoga with him. So we looked around online to find a studio we could check out. Yelp had quite a few recommendations and we finally decided to try out Om City Yoga. While perusing Yelp though we also came across some absolutely stellar reviews for a local company that makes eco-friendly yoga mats.

His and Her Lotuspad Mats
According to the website: Lotuspads are earth-friendly, biodegradable yoga mats with vivid saturated colors, organic dual surface patterns, and an amazing cushion and grip that will help you go deeper into your poses with comfort and style. Personally I’d like to curl up on mine and take a luxurious cat-nap all afternoon, but that would really defeat the purpose.

So far I’ve been very impressed with the mats I purchased. I picked up an “Earth” yoga mat in shades of green and brown for CK and a “Lotus” mat for myself. The Lotus mat is, of course, gorgeously bright pink. Apparently pink is said to encourage compassion. These mats are definitely thicker and much easier for me to use on our hardwood floors in the apartment. Part of the issue that I personally had with trying to start-up my home practice again was the awful wrist pain I would get from trying to hold various poses while using my old cheep mat. The quality of the Lotuspad seems to cut down on the sometimes harsh impact that I feel when I’m out of shape and hopefully this will encourage me to continue to ramp back up into a more frequent practice.

For all the moms out there you should also take note that Lotuspads makes mats for children as well. By the way, if you’re local to the Boston area you can place your order online and then have the option of picking up your mats and accessories in person at their location in Central Square. You can even connect with the founder of the company, Katy, on twitter.

I’m so incredibly excited to try to get back into yoga on a more consistent basis and I definitely owe a portion of this joy to my new Lotuspad mat. Thank you Katy!

Lotuspad Eco Yoga Mats

Pink MacBook

Pink MacBook

Last week I saw an image from Confessions of a Shopaholic of Isla Fisher using a pink MacBook. It was a lovely lovely thing. I originally thought it was done via the ridiculously expensive ColorWare process, but then CK pointed out that it was only a pink case. I just had to have one so I ordered it immediately and it arrived this morning. I didn’t think it was possible to love my MacBook anymore than I already do, but this pink Speck cover is seriously the best thing ever! But if pink isn’t your thing it also comes in blue, red, black, purple, green, and orange.

Luxury Plush Throw in Blush

Luxury Plush Throw in Blush

Remember your favorite teddy bear and how soft and comforting it felt to hold it? How about the silky fur of a Persian kitten sleeping on your lap? Well my favorite teddy got washed and went from being called Fluffy to Scruffy, and long-haired cats make me want to curl up and die from allergies so when I felt this blanket for the first time I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

CK and I actually came across these blankets back in October during our trip to Seattle. It was raining and we hanging out in a mall until it was time to go to the airport. While browsing around Restoration Hardware we stumbled upon magical decadent brown leather club chairs covered in the absolute softest throws I’d ever felt. I would have gladly stayed there all day snuggled up with those cozy blankets, but instead we flew back to Boston and I bought throws for my mom, grandmother, and sister for Christmas. Then I proceeded to steal my sister’s throw and curl up in it anytime she wasn’t looking. I was so annoyed with myself for not buying one, but CK (aka the best boyfriend ever) secretly ordered one online and it arrived today. In pink of course.

Perhaps the best part is that they’re on sale right now. I’m sure they wont last long and it’s going to be a long cold winter. Why not invest in something comforting that will make you forget that fact for a few moments?

The Weekly Pink Links – Gimme Gimme Edition

Once upon a time there was an absolutely perfect television program on The WB called The Gilmore Girls. During a particularly charming episode, Rorie Gilmore, who portrays the type of daughter I long to have someday, was seen sporting a stunningly fabulous shirt that proudly proclaimed “Reading is Sexy.”

I desperately wanted this shirt and almost attacked my friend Jaime’s girlfriend when she walked into their living room wearing one. After prying me off of Kelly, these lovely ladies showed me where I could buy my own tee online. At the time the shirt only came in yellow and blue, so I purchased blue. But low and behold, there’s now a pink version! I must have it. Pretty please!

After getting over my initial aversion to this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau plastic wine bottle trend I was ecstatic to learn that there’s a Hello Kitty Beaujolais Nouveau. If someone can find me a bottle of this I will so be your best friend.

While I’m sipping Hello Kitty wine in my new pink tee I think I should be sporting this pink flecked sprinkles heart-shaped ring on my hand. It would really pull together the ridiculousness that is my pink accessorised life nicely.

The Weekly Pink Links – Wear it Proud Edition

Literally mere moments ago I frantically pulled out my wallet and ordered this adorable tee that pays homage to the unfortunate demise of Mother’s Original Circus Animal Cookies this week. Doesn’t that slogan make you feel a little weepie? Hold on I need a tissue… [link via Slashfood].

A cute cookie tee undoubtedly needs a pair of pretty funky shoes to match so when Rachel tweeted about these hot cupcake sneakers today it occurred to me that perhaps the pink culinary clothing inspired stars have aligned this afternoon.

And just because the hypothetical ensemble I’m creating in my mind isn’t over the top enough, might I suggest some Birthday Cake bling? My grandmother used to decorate a strawberry birthday cake for me each year in almost exactly this very style, sans the yellow of course.

The Weekly Pink Links – Vroom Vroom Edition

Darlings, Turn Right Here!

Darlings, Turn Right Here!

My ultimate vehicular goal in life is to own a Mini Cooper. Since I live in a city where I drive exactly three times a month, usually to Whole Foods and back, I obviously do not need an adorable car of this caliber. But I dream about it. I dream about it constantly. A few weeks ago Julia Allison posted a photograph of an adorable bubble gum pink convertible mini that she came across on a London street. While I do heartily protest all forms of racing stripes I certainly wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to own such a lovely possession. I think I’d probably have to change my hair color back to blonde again though.

Just in case I wanted to go a little more upscale and channel my inner Mario Andretti there appears to be a pretty in pink Audi R-8 making the rounds. How long do you think it will be until Paris Hilton gets a DUI in that gorgeous machine?

Someday when do I have my obnoxious pink car I’ll totally have to make sure that it’s outfitted with lots of garish pink accessories. As I have a notoriously horrible sense of direction my very first purchase might just have to be this Pink Garmin GPS. Although, it should be noted that TomTom just released Kim Cattrall as a navigational voice option. It’s really such a tough choice.