Bye Bye David

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I interrupt my Seattle vacation and current pinot grigio sipping in the lobby of the Westin to take a moment to mourn the fact that Mr. David Tennant has quit his role as Doctor Who. CK introduced me to Doctor Who when we first started dating. Initially I mocked him mercilessly for liking the show but ever so slowly I started to change my tune. Initially it was simply the girl crush I developed on Billie Piper, but soon enough I became completely wrapped up in the Dalek filled plot-lines. Admittedly, I was a bit distraught over my first Doctor Who regeneration from bad boy Christopher Eccleston to David’s more quirky Doctor, but in the end he was fabulous. I can’t even begin to imagine who they’ll find to fill his shoes. Care to speculate on your Doctor wish-list?

The Canterville Ghost

I ran out of Mad Men episodes On Demand this weekend and had to begrudgingly find a substitute for my semi-regular, yet still fruitless, elliptical jaunts “up the mountain” setting. While flipping through the free movie section I found the 1996 version of The Canterville Ghost starring Neve Campbell and Patrick Stewart. Needless to say, I freaked out and pressed play immediately.

I totally remember watching this when it originally aired on TV. I was 16 at the time and it was the height of the whole Party of Five hype. I was all about Charlie, Claudia, Bailey, Owen, and of course Julia. Surprisingly enough, this family friendly film holds up fairly well for being a made for TV movie. In addition, the presence of the venerable Captain Picard as the resident ghost, dressed in period garb and shaking his chains with all his might, gives it quite a bit of added credibility.

If you have Comcast you should definitely check out The Canterville Ghost, even if only to remember how bad that whole plaid flannel shirt, overalls look really was. It’s available until November 9th. By the way, whatever happened to Neve Campbell? She was on a few episodes of Medium last year but that’s about it. I miss her. Someone should hire her for another sitcom so that she can pout prettily and roll her eyes for an audience again.

Triple Word Score

CK and I played our first Scrabble game together last night while watching the Red Sox game. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Mostly because I resoundingly trounced my boyfriend 339 points to his 193, but also because I simply love boardgames. It’s been much too long since I’ve played a game. I can’t even remember the last time I played Monopoly or Life.

Life is definitely my favorite classic board game. Whenever I used to play with my family, my mom would inevitably end up with so many children that the little pegs wouldn’t fit in her game piece car and she’d have to stack them up. Then they’d fall out all over the board every time she had to move. My ten-year-old self found those incidents absolutely hysterical. No doubt, I probably choked on my Jax and snorted Mountain Dew out of my nose. Good times! Last night I managed to behave myself a little better, although I did make a gagging face after I tried the Berry Weiss Leinenkugal beer CK picked up by mistake. Note to self: don’t buy the pink labeled bottles. When it comes to Leinenkugal the blue label is best.

The Weekly Pink Links – Wear it Proud Edition

Literally mere moments ago I frantically pulled out my wallet and ordered this adorable tee that pays homage to the unfortunate demise of Mother’s Original Circus Animal Cookies this week. Doesn’t that slogan make you feel a little weepie? Hold on I need a tissue… [link via Slashfood].

A cute cookie tee undoubtedly needs a pair of pretty funky shoes to match so when Rachel tweeted about these hot cupcake sneakers today it occurred to me that perhaps the pink culinary clothing inspired stars have aligned this afternoon.

And just because the hypothetical ensemble I’m creating in my mind isn’t over the top enough, might I suggest some Birthday Cake bling? My grandmother used to decorate a strawberry birthday cake for me each year in almost exactly this very style, sans the yellow of course.

A Royal Violet Coat

I know I go a little loopy with the whole pink thing, but in reality it’s not my favorite color. My actual favorite color is purple and has been since I was five years old. In kindergarten I had a lavender spring coat, purple jelly shoes, and would only eat grape popsicles, but in general I don’t buy that many purple colored clothes. I have a sweater and maybe a shirt or two, but yesterday I found the most gorgeous purple winter coat online. It’s absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, it’s also $330. Which I don’t think I could ever seriously justify purchasing in a million years. Although believe me I’ve been trying for two days. So far my internal argument includes the following:

  • I haven’t bought a new winter coat in three years, which technically means I’ve saved hypothetical money and I should allow myself to buy the coat.
  • Winter in New England is dreary, dismal, and downright depressing. My current wool coat is black. Not exactly a mood lifting color. I theorize that this royal violet coat with accompanying grape cashmere scarf will allow me to skip about the streets in a happy daze during the bi-weekly snowstorms we’re bound to have.
  • It’s pretty! It will make me feel pretty. My ratty old coat from The Gap that I bought on clearance definitely does not.

Update: I just checked availability and all of my dreams have been dashed as the coat is sold out in not only my size but pretty much every size. It’s October 7th! How can J. Crew already be sold out of a winter coat? Boo! If you happen upon a pretty purple coat in your own shopping travels will you please let me know? I’m completely enamored with the idea now.

Labor Day by Rob Diebboll

Yesterday Chris and I bought this beautiful oil painting from local artist Rob Diebboll. I absolutely fell in love when I saw it hanging in the studio, and just knew it would look perfect in our bedroom. My love of the beach is well documented and I’m so excited to be able to wake-up and see such a vibrant summer scene every day. I keep finding myself standing in front of it again and again and I swear you can almost hear the ocean. Of course that might just be the concussion I think I gave myself a little while ago when I smacked my head on the lip of the granite counter-top of the kitchen island. That’s what I get for trying to be all “Stepford” and dusting the baseboards.

Lost in Austen

I just finished Lost in Austen. I’m a weirdo. I like to watch period pieces while I workout on the elliptical in the evenings. I love Jane Austen’s novels, but I also love all of the adaptations that have been made from her stories. Serious to down right silly, I find myself compelled to check them out. In fact, Clueless and Bridget Jones’s Diary are two of my favorite movies of all time, and I don’t know any woman who doesn’t swoon at the site of Colin Firth climbing out of that pond soaked to the skin.

Lost in Austen is simply good fun. It’s full of lovely British actors, wearing pretty clothes, in romantic settings.  It’s also peppered with enough anachronisms and absurd liberties to the storyline to make Jane Austen roll over in her grave. Some will probably find this plot tampering offensive, but honestly I had a good laugh when Caroline Bingley came onto the modern day interloper Amanda Price and declared her “Sapphic love.”

Speaking of the main character, Amanda Price is actually portrayed by Jemima Rooper whom you might remember from the BBC program Hex. She played the angsty teen ghost Thelma Bates. Coincidentally, Jemima’s Hex co-star from season one, Christina Cole, is the condescending Caroline Bingley.

The film opens in present day London. Amanda Price is obsessed with Pride and Prejudice and finds her current boyfriend desperately lacking in comparison to Mr. Darcy. One evening, she hears a noise in her bathroom and discovers that Elizabeth Bennet has tumbled out of a crawl space and into her world. Of course they agree to switch lifestyles for a bit. Elizabeth stays behind in Amanda’s apartment while Amanda ventures into Elizabeth’s home.

You can imagine the stir Amanda’s prescence creates and she soon has the household aflutter with her odd behaviors. Amanda’s antics unfortunately begin to unravel the plot of the book in disasterous ways and she must struggle to right the story with the aid of an unlikely ally, Lieutenant Wickham. Surprised? I told you there were crazy twists.

The Weekly Pink Links – Vroom Vroom Edition

Darlings, Turn Right Here!

Darlings, Turn Right Here!

My ultimate vehicular goal in life is to own a Mini Cooper. Since I live in a city where I drive exactly three times a month, usually to Whole Foods and back, I obviously do not need an adorable car of this caliber. But I dream about it. I dream about it constantly. A few weeks ago Julia Allison posted a photograph of an adorable bubble gum pink convertible mini that she came across on a London street. While I do heartily protest all forms of racing stripes I certainly wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to own such a lovely possession. I think I’d probably have to change my hair color back to blonde again though.

Just in case I wanted to go a little more upscale and channel my inner Mario Andretti there appears to be a pretty in pink Audi R-8 making the rounds. How long do you think it will be until Paris Hilton gets a DUI in that gorgeous machine?

Someday when do I have my obnoxious pink car I’ll totally have to make sure that it’s outfitted with lots of garish pink accessories. As I have a notoriously horrible sense of direction my very first purchase might just have to be this Pink Garmin GPS. Although, it should be noted that TomTom just released Kim Cattrall as a navigational voice option. It’s really such a tough choice.