The Other Erin

Coralined Erin

Haven’t seen Coraline yet? Why are you waiting?! Grab some 3-D glasses and a king sized package of Junior Mints and get yourself to the theater immediately. In the meantime, maybe you’d like to see what your “other life” would look like? Pink buttons are lovely and all, but remember perfection comes at a cost. [Link via Abbey]

Animal Crossing Adventures: The Wolf

Fang the Wolf

My love for the movie Kissing Jessica Stein is well known. I think Jennifer Westfeldt is a great comic actress. I truly love the neurosis of all her characters, not to mention that she has fabulous hair. It’s been recently brought to my attention that she’s the longtime girlfriend of actor Jon Hamm, or as you might know him, Don Draper on Mad Men. I’d hate her, but I just can’t.

One of Westfeldt’s co-stars in KJS is Scott Cohen. You may remember him as Max Medina, Lorelai’s ex-fiance on Gilmore Girls. Cohen also starred in a little made for TV mini-series called The Tenth Kingdom. He played the big bad wolf and I kind of had the hots for him in this role. Well look who moved into Gherkins last week?! A creepy wolf! I hope he doesn’t eat any of the villagers. On second thought, maybe he could eat Victoria with a side of Opal. They’re both pretty annoying.

The Canterville Ghost

I ran out of Mad Men episodes On Demand this weekend and had to begrudgingly find a substitute for my semi-regular, yet still fruitless, elliptical jaunts “up the mountain” setting. While flipping through the free movie section I found the 1996 version of The Canterville Ghost starring Neve Campbell and Patrick Stewart. Needless to say, I freaked out and pressed play immediately.

I totally remember watching this when it originally aired on TV. I was 16 at the time and it was the height of the whole Party of Five hype. I was all about Charlie, Claudia, Bailey, Owen, and of course Julia. Surprisingly enough, this family friendly film holds up fairly well for being a made for TV movie. In addition, the presence of the venerable Captain Picard as the resident ghost, dressed in period garb and shaking his chains with all his might, gives it quite a bit of added credibility.

If you have Comcast you should definitely check out The Canterville Ghost, even if only to remember how bad that whole plaid flannel shirt, overalls look really was. It’s available until November 9th. By the way, whatever happened to Neve Campbell? She was on a few episodes of Medium last year but that’s about it. I miss her. Someone should hire her for another sitcom so that she can pout prettily and roll her eyes for an audience again.