Beta Testing Cataclysm for World of Warcraft

Hilariously enough I was randomly chosen to be a beta tester for the upcoming Cataclysm expansion pack for World of Warcraft. Serious gamers around the world are now giving me the finger in earnest I assure you. I only recently started playing WoW again in the last few weeks after not touching the game for probably six months. So far I’ve only played Cataclysm for a few hours. I made a Worgen (aka werewolf) which I promptly christened “WatsonTKitty.”

Now every time I’m asked to do something serious — you know like save the world, everyone is pleading for WatsonTKitty to help. It cracks me up. I know…I know. I’m a total geek.

Gilneas, where Worgen characters start their journey, is very Dickensian which really speaks to my inner anglophile. Although I’m pretty annoyed that you can’t create a female Worgen character yet. When I finally can I think I’ll name her “Mini-Me.” Just kidding!

I also made a girlie girl goblin which I drive around the little goblin town in a car. I’m terrible at this so I inevitably keep running over the villagers who angrily yell things back like, “I’m going to sue!” I’d share a picture with you but the goblins have been disabled for days now due to a crashing issue.

Below is an image of my current favorite non-beta character, Deyadora, and her pet “Catra.” I recently leveled Deyadora, who is a Blood Elf hunter to level 36. The reason I snapped this screenshot was A. my cat jumped on the bed in this cottage — hmm…just like in real life and B. there was pineapple wallpaper on the walls. Adorable!

The One Where I Finally Play World of Warcraft

My World of Warcraft Avatar

After several years of vehemently resisting my friend Anna’s recommendation that World of Warcraft is a perfectly fun game I’ve finally succumbed to peer pressure. Admittedly, I was also highly influenced by Felicia Day’s hilarious part in The Guild’s “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” video. So without further adieu please meet my lean, mean, slaying machine Rowyne. I’ve only been playing for two days but I have to admit I’m starting to really like it. Especially after I happened upon a cottage in the woods that housed a “Crazy Cat Lady” and dozens of kittens. I’m hoping that I can adopt a cat that follows me around or something. Is this possible? They were super expensive though so that will have to wait until I’ve pillaged a few oh thousand more unsuspecting Kobolds.

As much as I try to resist all things “geek” it seems that I inevitably give in completely to my inner nerd. For instance once upon a time I vowed to never watch any of the following shows that CK loved: Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Burn Notice, and most recently The Big Bang Theory. But guess what? I ended up watching them all religiously. Amusingly enough my behavior towards each was characterized by a similar pattern of: scorn, ridicule, annoyance that CK was watching them, followed by looking up from my book or laptop every so often and ending with me becoming completely engrossed in the various plots. I guess I just have to admit it. I’m a great big super geek..but with social skills and better accessories of course. Now I’m going to go watch all of The Guild Episodes. My transformation is complete.

Erin On the Oregon Trail

Meet the Family

Author Sloane Crosley brought the The Oregon Trail game back to my attention after I read an essay from her book I Was Told There’d Be Cake. In the short story Sloane confesses to her childhood obsession with the The Oregon Trail computer game. She recounts naming characters after hated teachers and purposefully losing the game so that they would die of the dreaded Dysentery. While I don’t recall doing that in elementary school I will embarrassingly admit to locking Sims made to look like evil exes into rooms and “forgetting about them” until they turned into urns. Moving right along…

My Biscuits Are Burning!

You’ve probably heard that an Oregon Trail iPhone app was released this week. I downloaded it last night and hilarity has ensued ever since. I took the liberty of naming my little pioneers after CK and myself. Tagging along with us through the great unknown are also our imaginary children: Lucy, Lola, and Little CK.

Total Klutz
Not surprising, I’m just as much of a klutz in this iPhone app as I am in real life. During the first 5 minutes of play I got a broken arm.

Lola is a Problem Child

My children are also prone to drama. Especially Lola. She’s been kidnapped by an eagle, lost on the trail, and currently is suffering from Dysentery. But what fun would a game of Oregon Trail be if someone didn’t end up with the runs…

Anyone want to take bets on which of my characters is going to kick the bucket first?

I decided to make an album on Flickr for my Oregon Trail Adventures. Feel free to follow along with my faithful path to doom and destruction.