The Easter Bunny Commeth

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Erin's Really Ugly Easter Eggs

CK and I spent Easter in Maine with my family. I started off the festivities earlier in the week with a box of nostalgic Paas Easter egg dye and a cheapo package of white eggs from CVS. The results were less than stellar. You’d think at the grand old age of 28 I could actually make Easter Eggs that looked better than this, but apparently not.

Rainbow Cakes

Once in Maine we decided to test our hand at decorating. My sister Nicole and I tried our hardest, but as evidenced below icing and the finesse that such a skill requires does not run in the family. Needless to say none of this will ever make an appearance on ErinCooks. Initially my mom and I thought we were out of red food coloring so our color scheme took on a life of its own, but then we found two more boxes in the pantry. Our rainbow looks more like a Dr. Suess puddle but the cake tasted awesome and the finished product was super vibrant on the plate. You can learn how to make your own rainbow cake at Om Nom Nom.

The Pink Easter Bunny

We ended the afternoon gorging ourselves on ham and roast beef. In case you haven’t figured it out yet all we do in Maine is eat. We also rock the Fiestaware and the paper napkins.

Rainbow Easter Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Nov 27, 2008 Author: Erin | Filed under: Family, Holidays
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[Image via Someecards]

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

Nov 18, 2008 Author: Erin | Filed under: Television
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YouTube Preview Image

How excited am I about the upcoming Hallmark Channel production of An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving based on a short story by the lovely and amazing Louisa May Alcott?! Obviously very. Don’t forget to set your TiVo on Saturday night.

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  • It will continue to be Christmas until I say otherwise!
  • Thanks, Santa!
  • Rosemont Market's Tourtière has a pig on it so not only does it taste amazing it's also adorable. #portlandmaine #207
  • I'm ready for the sun to go down again even though it just came up. I need more cozy Christmas ASAP.
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