O Christmas Tree

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Now that we’ve survived Thanksgiving intact and all of the leftovers have been added to our annual winter “padding” it’s finally time to turn our attentions to my favorite time of the year: Christmas!

Today’s to do list included:

  • Putting up the Christmas decorations (√)
  • Writing out holiday cards (still in progress pending a few additional address confirmations)
  • Baking something for CK’s Monday morning meeting (√)

The Weekly Pink Links – Gimme Gimme Edition

Once upon a time there was an absolutely perfect television program on The WB called The Gilmore Girls. During a particularly charming episode, Rorie Gilmore, who portrays the type of daughter I long to have someday, was seen sporting a stunningly fabulous shirt that proudly proclaimed “Reading is Sexy.”

I desperately wanted this shirt and almost attacked my friend Jaime’s girlfriend when she walked into their living room wearing one. After prying me off of Kelly, these lovely ladies showed me where I could buy my own tee online. At the time the shirt only came in yellow and blue, so I purchased blue. But low and behold, there’s now a pink version! I must have it. Pretty please!

After getting over my initial aversion to this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau plastic wine bottle trend I was ecstatic to learn that there’s a Hello Kitty Beaujolais Nouveau. If someone can find me a bottle of this I will so be your best friend.

While I’m sipping Hello Kitty wine in my new pink tee I think I should be sporting this pink flecked sprinkles heart-shaped ring on my hand. It would really pull together the ridiculousness that is my pink accessorised life nicely.

A Puppy Friend

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Sometimes I think I want a puppy. Someday. Definitely not while we’re still living in an apartment in the city though. Unfortunately that didn’t dissuade our neighbors who have two very yappie dogs that bark hysterically every time someone gets off the elevator on our floor. When we were moving in one of the dogs barked so much that by the end of the day it was hoarse, but still croaking out pathetic noises through the door. I forgive them though. They’re really cute dogs.

To aid in my puppy research I took the Animal Planet Dog Breed Selector quiz and it gave me 56 choices. Out of those results my favorites are the: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Shih Tzu.

I’m also a big fan of the Westie, but Animal Planet didn’t find it in their hearts to determine us “compatible.” For awhile I really wanted a Corgi, but I think their serious shedding would be a huge issue not only when it comes to house keeping, but also my allergies. For the time being though I can barely keep up with my own “shedding.” Sometimes I really miss having blonde hair. After I dry my hair in the morning the bathroom floor is always covered and since it’s so dark now it really stands out. Yuck!

[Note: Adorable puppy images were found online at The Daily Puppy]

New Bright Berry (aka Pink) Coat

While I wasn’t able to get the Royal Violet Lady Day Coat from J. Crew, I did finally buy a coat this weekend. I ended up with the Bright Berry Lady Day Coat, which I’m proud to report is equally as happy a color as the purple version I originally coveted.

The best part is that I got it on sale! I’m so glad I waited, and I’m equally grateful to J.Crew-aholics for constantly reminding me about special promotions and coupons.

Let the grumpy snowflakes fall as they will, my new pink coat has cheerful superpowers that will melt their slushy misery! Bring on the snow days, I’m ready for you. Now I just need to find the perfect accent scarf. Should it be cream? Black? A contrasting color? Or a lighter shade of pink? Decisions…decisions…

Animal Crossing: City Folk

I’m really terrible and I never play our Wii anymore, but I’m totally obsessed with buying the Animal Crossing: City Folk game when it comes out on Sunday. It looks completely adorable! Wandering about an imaginary world that serves lattes and has Judy Jetson like hair salons is right up my alley. Apparently, with the help of yet another Wii add-on you’ll also be able to play live with friends. Will any of you also be indulging in this charming video game? Let me know if you want to exchange Wii numbers.

What Would Joan Do?

Ever wonder “What Would Joan Holloway Do?” Well now you can make her do whatever you want. The awesome illustrator behind all of those fabulous Mad Men wallpapers just released a Joan Holloway paper doll. Personally I’d like her to whip up a pitcher of martinis and teach me how to recreate her fabulous up-do. By the way, if you’re looking for a gift to fill my new pink Christmas stocking this will do just fine.