Watson Wednesday: They Say It’s Your Birthday

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It’s a special day in the Nichols-Kelly household. Today is Watson T. Kitty’s first birthday! This has been a crazy year for our “little orange alive thing.”

Some of the highlights included:

Meeting Baby Emily and prompting declaring her the enemy.

Suffering through his first bath and refusing to ever like it even though he gets one almost every month.

Meeting his adopted big brother Dexter and learning that he possessed mischievous super powers.

Surviving a very scary medical emergency that left him sporting the cat equivalent of Uggs.

Being forced to celebrate the holidays.

And finally moving into a new home that is essentially a gigantic cat playground. He seems to be adapting to his new surroundings without any problems though.

Tonight Watson (all 11.2 pounds of him) is going to enjoy a can of birthday tuna and receive lots of cuddles — if he deems me worthy of being allowed to take such “liberties” with the “royal person” of course.