Long Live Lord Watson

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Watson is going to live! On Friday, Chris and I were relieved to learn that both of the FIP tests that were run on our kitten came back negative. We still have no idea what horrible ailment he caught which then caused him to end up in the kitty cat ER but I suppose it doesn’t really matter as he’s completely back to his old self.


This means that it’s OK to make fun of him properly now, right? Ladies and gentlemen please say hello to Franken-Watson. His stitches have been removed but he still looks lopsided with the missing fur on his neck. Combine that with his kitty Uggs and he’s a regular old walking around riot with paws.


Silly looking or not we’re so incredibly grateful that he’s fine. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t wake up in the morning to find his little form sitting alertly on the window sill watching the world come to life from behind the glass.