The Official Christmas Ornaments of 2008

Pike Place Market

Every year I buy a new ornament for the Christmas tree. For some reason I have a lot of ballerinas which is really strange since I’ve never taken a dance class in my entire life.

During the first Christmas that Chris and I celebrated, after we moved in together back in 2006, we each picked out new ornaments. I selected a cozy kitchen scene to celebrate my foray back into blogging via and Chris picked out a snowboard. The poor guy dreams of the fresh powder in Utah like Blair Waldorf dreams of Manolos and diamonds.

Bainbridge Island Ferry

Last year we settled on a David Ortiz ornament to celebrate winning free furniture in the Jordan’s Red Sox World Series contest. Much like Ortiz’s on-field personality, this ornament literally dominates our tree. I swear all you see is Big Papi. He completely outshines all of the other glass balls and tchotchkes in his vicinity. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I came home from work one day and the ornaments were smashed half way across the room.

This year we chose ornaments that would remind us of our fabulous trip to Seattle. Now we’ll never forget all of the delicious meals and food we ate in and around Pike Place Market, or the eventful ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island when a mischievous bird gave me an extra special “welcome.”