An Empty Apartment in San Francisco

I'm Sailing Away...

Chris and I have been in San Francisco for 8 days now (including a 3 day stay in Houston for Hänni’s wedding). In that time I’ve had lots of requests to see our apartment. I think everyone has forgotten that our things are somewhere out in the world on a big bad truck right now and we are actually living in what essentially amounts to a high rise camping expedition.

This Kitchen is Teeny Tiny

I get it. Usually I have my apartments whipped into shape in a matter of hours but this time I have a window of 7-20 days to wait for all of my cute things to come back into our lives.

Unnecessarily Large Bathroom. Can We Take Some Out And Give It To The Kitchen?

In the meantime we started out with a floaty toy to sleep on (that’s how I refer to the lame and very uncomfortable air mattress we’ve been using), lots of paper plates and plastic forks (see what I mean — totally camping), and a suitcase of clothing each.

Oh Goody: Work!

Since then we’ve upgraded to having a chair and desk for me to work at and two, yes two chairs for the breakfast bar. Thanks to IKEA we’re living large!

The Cats Dig The Raft

Also, with the exception of one very fun day that I spent with Lilly, which I will post about briefly on Erin Cooks, I haven’t really had a chance to explore the city very much. I’m hoping that CK and I will have some time to get to know our neighborhood and the area a bit more over the long weekend. Stay tuned!