Watson Wednesday

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Watson: Don't Fall!

Watson is growing up! Every single day it seems as though he’s bigger. CK and I think he grows in his sleep. I swear that you can practically see his tail increasing in size while you watch him play. It’s a little disturbing and a tad sad. I feel a bit nostalgic for the tiny ball of fluff that arrived just a few short weeks ago.

Watson's 2nd Bath

He’s already had his second bath.

Baby Watson
But he still likes to be cuddled. Especially if he’s tucked into CK’s shirt. What a weirdo…

It's OK Buddy.
I’d like to think that this image is illustrating Watson’s sensitive side as he comforts CK after a hard run but in reality it’s Watson attacking him.

Watson in a Box
And this is where I found the Master of Brilliance yesterday. Happily playing inside an empty Propel box. To each his own.