Watson’s Crazy Circle

This is Watson’s new toy. It’s appropriately called the Crazy Circle. It’s perfect for insanely active kittens like our little guy who literally plays, plays, plays until he falls over and passes out. Last night he played with his Crazy Circle for so long that he fell asleep with his head resting on the side of it. This is seriously the best $10 we’ve spent on the cat so far. You can see Watson in all his hyper glory in the video above.

The Many Faces of Watson

Watson Passed Out

It’s been a long week for everyone involved in the adventures of Watson the kitten. My hands are covered in scratches and needless to say his claws have given him plenty of entries in the “This Isn’t Cute At All” column. Thankfully his rampaging play sessions are done via quick and succinct bursts of energy. Then he disappears into the office and the cozy comfort of his new bed for marathon naps until he’s rested enough to emerge and terrorize CK and I again.

He looks so sweet and serene above but don’t be fooled. Below is a glimpse of Watson’s demanding “Play With Me Now Now Now!” personality.

Demanding Watson