Ladies Who Lunch

Meghan & Emily

My friend Meghan came over on Friday for lunch. When we used to work together we always wished we were the type of women who A. didn’t have to work and B. got to meet-up for lunch every day of the week without a care in the world. While neither of those scenarios has quite come true it was nice to have a leisurely visit and catch-up.

Emily & Watson

It was even more entertaining to watch her daughter Emily’s infatuation with Watson take hold. Every chance she got Emily eagerly crawled toward the kitten.

Scared Watson

Watson unfortunately didn’t harbor the same amount of affection for her. Typical man… so the closer she got the more freaked out he became.

Emily Charms Watson

But Emily’s curiosity was too strong and she simply couldn’t resist trying to tame the wild beast one last time.

Mean Watson
Then of course Watson emphatically rejected her and made her cry crocodile tears. That’s my kitty…absolutely no manners what-so-ever.

Erin & Emily
Thankfully honorary Auntie Erin was there to make it all better. Obviously I also have to work on Watson’s people skills.