Watson Wednesday: The Belated Edition

Watson All Curled Up

Watson had his last vaccination visit this week and we found out that he now weighs a whopping 4.6 pounds. He’s such a little piggy. He’s also developing quite the personality and cultivating a healthy love and appreciation of Whole Foods paper grocery bags.

Watson Shops Till He Drops

I’ve also completely given up on trying to keep him off the dining room table. Anyone who loves a ray of sunshine this much deserves to enjoy himself fully. It also helps that he looks so ridiculously cute while reveling in his small rebellion. Far be it for me to take away something that gives Watson such blissful happiness.

Watson's Day in the Sun

I love this picture because he looks like a little sleeping demon. Which, let’s face it, he truly is at least 25% of the time.

Troll? Demon? Kitten!

Harvard Book Store Warehouse Sale

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New Old Books

I was so excited to learn about the Harvard Book Store warehouse sale this morning. I immediately jumped in the shower so I would be able to arrive as soon as the doors opened. I managed to score some really excellent deals including a number of new hardcover titles for only $1 and a stack of my favorite young adult novels from childhood. I can’t wait to curl up with some of these books and reminisce.

From left to right:

How to Cook a Tart by Nina Killham
The Perfect Elizabeth by Libby Schmais
Waiting by Debra Ginsberg
Roast Chicken and Other Stories by Simon Hopkinson
The Book Thief by Markus Zusa
The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren Wright
A Gathering of Days by Joan W. Blos
A Ghost in the Window by Betty Ren Wright
Ghosts Beneath Our Feet by Betty Ren Wright
Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman
Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel
The Girl in the Window by Wilma Yeo
Behind the Attic Walls by Sylvia Cassedy

Watson Wednesday

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Watson: Don't Fall!

Watson is growing up! Every single day it seems as though he’s bigger. CK and I think he grows in his sleep. I swear that you can practically see his tail increasing in size while you watch him play. It’s a little disturbing and a tad sad. I feel a bit nostalgic for the tiny ball of fluff that arrived just a few short weeks ago.

Watson's 2nd Bath

He’s already had his second bath.

Baby Watson
But he still likes to be cuddled. Especially if he’s tucked into CK’s shirt. What a weirdo…

It's OK Buddy.
I’d like to think that this image is illustrating Watson’s sensitive side as he comforts CK after a hard run but in reality it’s Watson attacking him.

Watson in a Box
And this is where I found the Master of Brilliance yesterday. Happily playing inside an empty Propel box. To each his own.

Watson Disappears and Reappears

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Perhaps I should rename my personal blog to XoXo, Watson instead of XoXo, Erin? This site is quickly turning into an ode to all things kitten, but I just can’t help myself. As you may recall over the last few weeks I’ve mentioned having some Watson related frustrations. Well I’ve seriously chilled about Mr. Kitten. Unfortunately the catalyst of my new found calm and serenity was that I thought he was dead.

Last Wednesday was my birthday and I spent the day with my cousin Amanda sitting by her pool and burning my chest into a lovely shade of pink. The central air in our apartment was on the fritz so the maintenance supervisor called a technician to come over and take a look at it while both Chris and I were away.

When I got home that afternoon I couldn’t find Watson anywhere. Usually as soon as we open the door he’s tangled up in our feet purring and tripping us in excitement. I wandered around the house calling his name and still he didn’t appear. I looked under the couch, the beds, in cupboards and closets but Watson was no where to be found. I started to freak out at this point. I was convinced that the technician must have let the kitten out accidentally. I frantically tried to call CK, but it went straight to voicemail. I decided that I had to go find the maintenance man to see if he remembered telling the tech that we had a kitten, and just as I got my shoes back on guess who appeared out of nowhere in the door of our bedroom yawning and stretching?

I was so shocked and relieved that I sat down on the floor and cried. I’m not even kidding. I really did think he was lost, or dead and all I could think about was how much I had complained about him over the last week and how much of a bad person I was and on and on.

After I got myself back together I started to wonder where on earth Watson had been sleeping. I seriously tore the house apart looking for him so where had he been hiding? Well on Saturday the kitten disappeared again. This time CK and I knew he was in the house somewhere so after searching high and low I decided to station CK in one area of the apartment and I stood in the hallway outside our bedroom, then I banged on Watson’s food dish with a fork.

At first nothing happened, but then I saw a rustling on our bed. The comforter rose up and a small form moved underneath the bedding and out popped Watson. Apparently Watson has taken to sleeping not only on our bed but in it too. So now we have to be extra careful not to inadvertently sit on the kitten in case he’s decided to take up residence in his new hiding space again. That’s our kitty…

By the way, the video above is Watson’s reaction to my talking Kipper stuffed toy. I wish I had captured his original encounter with Kipper because he hissed at it, puffed his tail, and ran away, but it’s still cute to see him bat at the English doggy’s nose.

Zombie Birthday Invasion


My Aunt Beth cracks me up. This is the book she sent me for my birthday. In case you can’t see the card it reads, “Happy Birthday Erin! Let’s survive the imminent zombie invasion together.”

Here’s the thing. I’m a little obsessed with zombies. Unfortunately, they scare the hell out of me and I have zombie nightmares all of the time, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to read about them or watch movies where they shuffle around in hordes eating humanity. Yup…that’s me…princess movies and zombies. Perhaps someone needs to combine the two and Anne Hathaway could star? Actually, now that I think about it, that would be pretty fantastic!