I’m So Proud To Be From Maine Today

Yay Maine!

Dear Maine: Thank you so much for acknowledging the fact that all men and women have the right to marry whomever they wish. I’m so incredibly proud to be from this state today! My gorgeous friend Holly posted a photo of her lovely corgi, Cedar, a few moments ago and I think it completely illustrates all of our happiness at this poltical development to a tee.

Fluffy White Doggie

This is the commercial that gets me completely teary and causes various “awe-like” sounds to repeatedly come out of my mouth lately. Each time it airs during a television show I instantly stop fast-forwarding and watch it. It’s my dream puppy complete with a “please buy me Erin!” face that I just can’t resist, in a candy pink room, with a girl in cozy pajamas that is so “obviously” me. Let’s be friends puppy! Call me!