...as a red head.

Well hello there! I’m Erin, nice to meet you. Believe it or not I’ve been blogging on various domains and services since 1998. Back then the buzz word was “journaling” though, not blogging, and I had a strong tendency towards drama and over-shares. I grew up in Maine, best known for lobsters, blueberries, and blizzards that will bury your car until Spring. After college I lived in the exceptionally picturesque itty bitty city of Portland, Maine. I keep threatening to move back there but it’s definitely not in the cards anytime soon. Thankfully though Jet Blue does fly there now (even if that means a three hour layover in Terminal T5 both ways).

After Portland I moved to Boston and lived in Brookline, then Cambridge, and finally Lexington over a span of almost six year with my boyfriend CK. Together we have an adorable orange kitten, Watson, and his eerily smart brother Dexter who I fear is secretly a person, meows like a dinosaur, and can open doors.

In May of 2011 we gave away more than half our possessions, downsized to an apartment the size of an ivy league dorm room, and moved to San Francisco. I’m still getting used to it here. It’s vastly different from our life back East and really really cold.

Anyway, in my free time I love to cook. You can check out what’s going on in my kitchen at ErinCooks.com. When I’m not cooking I read armloads of YA Novels and Chick Lit. You should also know that I’m absolutely addicted to GoogleReader and checking my rss feeds has become practically a religion. I adore pop culture, so if you don’t know who is currently dating George Clooney or when the new Emma Stone movie is coming out we should make a date. I’d be happy to fill you in over a glass of wine or two.

Why XoXoErin.com? I was simply tired of only blogging about cupcakes and spatulas. I actually do other things besides wear an apron and I wanted to diversify my creative outlet a bit. Originally I thought about buying TheGherkin.com, since that’s CK’s nickname for me, but after polling my girlfriends I realized that only we thought that was funny. Then it dawned on me that I always sign emails to my friends and family with “xoxo, Erin.”  Too cute, right?

XoXoErin is run on WordPress, hosted at WebFaction, and maintained technically by CK.

Any personal photographs that I use on the site are shot with a Canon EOS 40D camera. I have no business using this camera. It has way too many bells and whistles and I count myself very lucky every time I’m able to get a decent shot. During the week I also keep my Canon PowerShot SD450 point and shoot in my bag, just in case.