Watson Wednesday: The Belated Edition

Watson All Curled Up

Watson had his last vaccination visit this week and we found out that he now weighs a whopping 4.6 pounds. He’s such a little piggy. He’s also developing quite the personality and cultivating a healthy love and appreciation of Whole Foods paper grocery bags.

Watson Shops Till He Drops

I’ve also completely given up on trying to keep him off the dining room table. Anyone who loves a ray of sunshine this much deserves to enjoy himself fully. It also helps that he looks so ridiculously cute while reveling in his small rebellion. Far be it for me to take away something that gives Watson such blissful happiness.

Watson's Day in the Sun

I love this picture because he looks like a little sleeping demon. Which, let’s face it, he truly is at least 25% of the time.

Troll? Demon? Kitten!

Meet Dean Bearchester

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Watson Loves Bear
Bear, or Dean Bearchester, as CK and I refer to him as a sort of homage to Supernatural, has quickly become Watson’s favorite toy. He drags him around all over the house and we often find bear in all sorts of strange places. When Watson falls asleep in his kitten bed I like to tuck him in and set bear in between his little arms. It’s just such an adorable sight.

Dean Bearchester isn’t just a cute fluffy bear though. He’s also the primary “equipment” in Watson’s new maniacal exercise routine. Check out the video below for some of his high flying antics.

Also, in case you missed it, Watson was featured on The Daily Kitten this week. He’s such a prima donna now. It’s all Evian in his water dish and organic free-range chicken at dinner time.

The Many Faces of Watson

Watson Passed Out

It’s been a long week for everyone involved in the adventures of Watson the kitten. My hands are covered in scratches and needless to say his claws have given him plenty of entries in the “This Isn’t Cute At All” column. Thankfully his rampaging play sessions are done via quick and succinct bursts of energy. Then he disappears into the office and the cozy comfort of his new bed for marathon naps until he’s rested enough to emerge and terrorize CK and I again.

He looks so sweet and serene above but don’t be fooled. Below is a glimpse of Watson’s demanding “Play With Me Now Now Now!” personality.

Demanding Watson