Watson Wednesday

Watson is Wild
Watson likes to party all the time. Party all the time. Party all the time.

Asleep with Lambie
Last time we met Dean Bearchester…well this is Sammy the Lambie.

Watson with Lambie & Bear
Dean and Sammy cuddle with Watson.

Om Nom Lambie

Om Nom Nom Sammy.

Watson the Reader
I am a literary kitty. You like classics or pulp?

Watson the Lounge Lizard

Watson contemplates his tail and the lack of sleeping accomodations.

Meet Dean Bearchester

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Watson Loves Bear
Bear, or Dean Bearchester, as CK and I refer to him as a sort of homage to Supernatural, has quickly become Watson’s favorite toy. He drags him around all over the house and we often find bear in all sorts of strange places. When Watson falls asleep in his kitten bed I like to tuck him in and set bear in between his little arms. It’s just such an adorable sight.

Dean Bearchester isn’t just a cute fluffy bear though. He’s also the primary “equipment” in Watson’s new maniacal exercise routine. Check out the video below for some of his high flying antics.

Also, in case you missed it, Watson was featured on The Daily Kitten this week. He’s such a prima donna now. It’s all Evian in his water dish and organic free-range chicken at dinner time.

Watson’s Crazy Circle

This is Watson’s new toy. It’s appropriately called the Crazy Circle. It’s perfect for insanely active kittens like our little guy who literally plays, plays, plays until he falls over and passes out. Last night he played with his Crazy Circle for so long that he fell asleep with his head resting on the side of it. This is seriously the best $10 we’ve spent on the cat so far. You can see Watson in all his hyper glory in the video above.